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  • Essence Plus white wine set of 2
  • Essence Plus white wine set of 2

Essence Plus white wine set of 2

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Alfredo Häberli 2013

2 White wine glasses 41 cl

By always pushing the boundaries, Iittala stays timeless. The Essence Plus range of wine glasses changes the way we talk about wines, by shifting focus from colour to character. This contemporary twist of a classic design adapts to the users actual lifestyle, where the interest for wine is becoming more and more popular. By enhancing the taste sensation, Essence Plus glass makes your enjoyment complete.

This is a glass for when you want to compliment the fruit of the wine, and the acidity and the more linear flavours. The glass is perfect for light and fresh wines, white or red. It can also be used for champagne or sparkling wine, especially when served with dinner. 

Wine recommendations: Vintage Champagne, Fresh Riesling, Non oaky Chardonnay, Albarino, Chianti, Fresh Merlot, Crianza

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