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Introducing Best Seller- Hurtta Dog Gear from Finland

Posted on May 06 2016

Introducing Best Seller-  Hurtta Dog Gear from Finland

This company is especially dear to my heart for many reasons. The first reason is, that the company's headquarters is still in my home town, Kuopio in Finland. Secondly, I have closely followed the explosion in growth of this company, and they are worldwide leaders for very good reasons. They produce the best quality dog gear, and dog handler gear. Thirdly, as a dog lover and trainer myself I appreciate the hard work, and quality control that has gone into the development of Hurtta products.

I am very proud and happy to provide you with the wide variety of Hurtta products. I can order any product, in any colour and in any size! However, as every dog needs to be measured, and the owners have colour preferences, these amazing products are on special order only. This is to ensure that you will get exactly what you want from Hurtta. The delivery time is 14-21 days. I have been doing special orders with Hurtta since 2013, indeed these are the BEST SELLING products in ScandiDesign. As always, my prices are the lowest retail prices in Canada and US.

Since 1973, Hurtta has been the leader in advance design and materials for the active dog, Hurtta has dominated the market in many categories in over 38 countries:

  • Harnesses - Collars - Leads

  • Outerwear for Warmth - Cooling - Rain 

  • Training Products for owners and their companions

  • Hygiene - Safety 

I encourage you to browse the spectacular Hurtta website for info on how to measure your dog, and to browse the wide selection of products. Simply just e-mail me with your wishes, and I will take care of it!

I have some products in stock, and you can see them here:


Have a spectacular day,

Training vest designed for active dog enthusiasts. The vest is made from Houndtex-laminated durable sports fabric. The body-hugging shape and adjustable hem, belt and high collar ensure a secure and comfortable fit when on the move. The front of the vest has four zip/zipper pockets and two large pockets for treats and motivational toys. Large back and breast pockets have plenty of room for training dummies or accessories. The shoulder has a hook-and-loop fastener for attaching motivational toys and rings and clips are located all around the vest. The vest has a number of built-in technical features designed to make training easier and more comfortable. Machine washable 40ºC/105ºF (warm).
CAD 119

The buoyancy of this life jacket has been tested by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. An adjustable belt and front allow the life jacket to fit most breeds of dog. The back of the jacket is fitted with sturdy handle by which the dog can be guided in the water or lifted out. A protective underbelly section distributes the dog’s weight over a larger area and keeps the jacket firmly in place. The reflective fabric and 3M reflectors on the back of the jacket provide effective visibility in the dark. The product is designed for use in swimming, water rescue, rehabilitation, boating and hunting. A tag around the neck has space for the owner’s telephone number.

Please measure your dog's weight, and add to your order details. Hurtta is available on special order only.

CAD 89

The Slush Combat outdoors overall is made of high-performance outdoor fabric, which provides effective protection against water, mud and dirt. The purpose of the product is to protect the fur and skin of long-haired dogs during walks so that the dog does not need to be washed too often in the spring and autumn seasons. During walks in the city, the garment protects the dog’s fur from road salt and traffic-related grime.

The fabric of the overall is laminated with a breathable and waterproof Houndtex® membrane, which ensures that humidity stays outside the garment while being comfortable for the dog to wear. 
Please measure your dog's neck and chest diameter, and back length and add to your order details. Hurtta is available on special order only to fit your dog perfectly.

CAD 89

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