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Introducing Our Companies- Normann Copenhagen from Denmark

Posted on March 28 2016

Introducing Our Companies- Normann Copenhagen from Denmark
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Introducing Our Companies- Normann Copenhagen from Denmark

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with the mission to create original, bold and eye-catching products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. Or in other words, to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great and innovative design.

The collection consists of a wide and ever growing range of versatile furniture, sculptural lighting, stunning textiles and clever home accessories.

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You can browse here for the beautiful designs of Normann Copenhagen:

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Ole Jensen got the idea to design a dustpan from his everyday work in his workshop. He always used a newspaper in one hand and a broom in the other to sweep up the dust and dirt with. The idea for a dustpan which was both functional and aesthetic was inspired by the simplicity of the newspaper. 

This iconic product is an excellent example of Ole Jensen's minimalistic approach to making everyday life extraordinary through good design. 

Ole Jensen explains: “Ideas often appear from a problem and it is often a simple solution that is the answer to the problem. I see myself as a fertile minimalist - everything counts - neither more nor less”. 

The dustpan is in all its simplicity constructed from a piece of flat plastic. Created with a keen twist, the Dustpan & Broom allows you to clean with precision and style, complete with a small resting hole to perfectly set the brush in the dustpan or hang it on the wall. Perfect for those who like everything neat and tidy.

Awards: Formland Prisen 2002 

Design: Ole Jensen
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Herb Stand organizes your herbs and keeps them tidy, without being boring. Scissors and herbs are gathered together in one place, making it easy to season your food.  

With Herb Stand, designer Jakob Heiberg has focused on function and utility, while creating a design that is different. Its clean form language makes its function clear. However, Herb Stand is also a practical and amusing way to keep and use your herbs. 

Jakob Heiberg explains: “I am very functional in my approach to design. I think it is fun, when you can add something new and different to a product, and thus give the design an extra quality. I wanted to design a product that you could have standing on your table. At the same time, it had to gather several uses around one function – keeping the herbs tidy and making them easy to use every day – which requires a pair of scissors.” 

Design: Jakob Heiberg

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Pocket is a versatile and decorative wall-mounted storage solution. The simple, rounded silhouette gives Pocket a friendly and welcoming feel. Inspired by a bulging shirt pocket, Simon Legald has designed Pocket so that it curves outwards. The flat opening at the top and the rounded bottom completes this reference.

Simon Legald says: ”My aim was to make a flexible wall-mounted storage solution for all of the smaller items that you never know where to put. By using the walls you can make the most of the space you have available. The different sizes of Pocket mean that it can easily be adapted to suit individual needs. It will work in homes with both a little and lot of space."

Design: Simon Legald
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ScandiDesign is dedicated to provide you with the high quality, beautiful Scandinavian home decor that you have learned to love. We appreciate your business.

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